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Metal Magnetic Folding Phone Holder

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The Metal Phone Holder is a versatile and adjustable phone holder that can be mounted on various surfaces, such as laptop screens, monitors, or other compatible devices. It is designed to provide convenient and hands-free access to your phone while working or using your computer. Here are some key features of this phone holder:

  1. Magnetic Folding Design: The phone holder features a magnetic folding design that allows it to be easily attached and detached from compatible surfaces. The magnets provide a secure hold while allowing for quick and effortless adjustments.

  2. Compatibility: The phone holder is designed to be compatible with a wide range of devices, including Tesla car displays, iPhones, PCs, monitors, and other devices with a suitable mounting surface. It provides a convenient and stable platform to hold your phone.

  3. Adjustable and Flexible: The stand usually offers adjustable angles and a flexible arm, allowing you to position your phone at the most comfortable viewing angle. This flexibility enables you to customize the placement based on your preferences and needs.

  4. Hands-Free Convenience: By using the phone holder, you can keep your phone at eye level and within easy reach while working or using your computer. It frees up your hands and helps you stay focused on your tasks or enjoy multimedia content without straining your neck or constantly picking up your phone.

  5. Sturdy and Durable: The metal construction of the phone holder ensures durability and stability. It is designed to securely hold your phone in place, providing a reliable support bracket.

  6. Portable and Compact: The folding design of the phone holder makes it portable and easy to carry. You can conveniently fold it and store it in your bag or pocket, allowing you to use it wherever you go.

Additionally, ensure that you follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper usage, installation, and maintenance to maximize the effectiveness and longevity of the phone holder.


  • Type: Desk Holder
  • Features: Magnetic
  • Compatible Brand: Universal
  • Charger: Wireless Charger
Metal Magnetic Folding Phone Holder
Metal Magnetic Folding Phone Holder Sale price$16.88